Criminal Law
Are you facing criminal charges? It is important to understand that a criminal conviction in California could have a devastating impact on your future, your career, your freedom, and your finances. We know that many innocent people can get swept up in a criminal case. Our attorneys also understand that being charged with a crime is not the same as being guilty.

Don’t plead guilty without seeing what an experienced criminal defense attorney such as Sharon J. Brunner can do for you.

When dealing with a police investigation, arrest, or trial, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney representation. We represent clients facing…

Misdemeanor Charges
Felony Charges
Juvenile Criminal Matters
Expungements (sealing of the criminal record)

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind in the state of California, please contact us for a free consultation and we will discuss your legal options.


Sharon J. Brunner

Family law - Civil rights - Personal injury - Criminal Defense - 

Family Law
Divorce and family law issues can be some of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Sharon J. Brunner and her staff understand these legal issues and the emotional stresses that come along with these issues. Choose the aggressive representation of Sharon. J Brunner to protect your rights and ease you through these times.

Amid the emotions of ending a marriage are important considerations about your future life apart from your spouse. At the Law Office of Sharon J. Brunner, a compassionate divorce lawyer, will help you stand your ground as you sort out issues about your children and the property you shared.

Whether you need guidance toward an amicable agreement, or you know you’re in for a fight, our capable legal team is up for the task. We always explore alternatives to litigation, but can aggressively advance your position if your case goes to court. We deal with…

Child Custody
Child Visitation
Child support
Various Support Issues

Domestic Violence Restraining  Orders

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Personal Injury
An accident or other incident resulting in a severe injury can change your life in an instant. Your rights need to be protected by the assistance of a dedicated and experienced attorney. For years, the Law Office of Sharon J. Brunner has been providing outstanding personal injury representation to clients in Southern California.

Just a few of the types of personal injury cases we handle fall within the following areas…

Fire Injuries
Campground Injuries
Product Liability
Premises Liability
Dental Malpractice
Medical Malpractice
Pedestrian Accidents
Auto Collisions
Boating Accidents

If you have been seriously injured within the state of California, contact us for a free consultation and we will discuss your legal rights.

Criminal Civil Rights Violations

A criminal civil rights violation involves the use or threat of force, and can occur with:

Hate crimes
Law enforcement misconduct
Religious interference or property damage
Health care access interference,

Reporting a Violation

You can report possible violations with first-hand information about the incident, including:

Names of the victims
The perpetrators (if known)
A description of the events
Whether physical or property damage occurred


During a federal criminal rights investigation, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation and other assistance through local government and private agencies. Each state has eligibility requirements for receiving compensation, usually including that the victim promptly report the incident and cooperate with the police and prosecutors. In general, victims may be compensated for:

Medical and mental health treatment
Lost wages
Crime scene clean-up

Questions for Your Attorney

What do I do if my civil rights have been violated?
How much damages am I entitled to?
Do I have to pay anything to file a civil rights complaint?